Imagine it's ninteen ninety-four

The internet exists, but is still referred to as an "information superhighway." This may feel a long way off from the Digital Age that defines our lives today — where objects in our pockets power much of our activity, where we are connected to parts of the world previously unknown, and where our relationship to reality grows increasingly blended.

We are well beyond websites. Blockchain technology is in that same 1994 moment, trying to imagine its own future.

Say goodbye to the Information Superhighway and hello to the Decentralized Economy. Blockchain is about to radically transform how humans and machines engage in economic activity, forever. While humans have been using formal institutions to reduce uncertainty in trade since the dawn of time, Blockchain is evolving this age-old model into something far more interesting: the distributed autonomous institution.

This course is designed to take you through the basics of Blockchain Technology. A Beginner's Guide, if you will. Even for the most informed technologists, Blockchain Technology is very difficult and often dense subject matter to fully internalize and understand. This course is here to help students unpack the ideas and better understand what the most important opportunities are in and around this new technology. We cover the Economics, Technology, and Business of Blockchain.
The Basics of Blockchain also includes expert interviews with some of the top thinkers, creators, and innovators of blockchain technology, people like:


Gavin Wood

One of the founders of the Ethereum Network and Parity Technologies


Dominic Williams

One of the founders of Dfinity and String Labs


Sarah Meiklejohn

Blockchain Researcher and CS and Security Lecturer


Jutta Steiner

One of the founders of and Parity Technologies

In addition to expert interviews, the course also includes various other articles, podcasts, and video series to help ground the student in the subject mater.