5 things I read (instead of the news…)

Article by Bettina Warburg

At Animal Ventures we focus heavily on learning. We explore the world to hone our tools and ideas, always rebalancing what serves us well at any given point.

So people often ask me what I read, especially while I travel. I am an avid reader, and though I read a lot of print books, I also need some lightweight options. Here are five sources of content that I have been enjoying the past few years:

  • The New York Review of Books — It’s print and long, two of my favorite features! Though they have an online version, I have enjoyed carrying around a print version of the NYRB since college (even subscribing while abroad). I can pull it out while on a subway or lobby, and get lost in a world of contextualized learning on art, history, math, or politics. I’ll swap out the ripped and underlined one from my bag every month or so, when a new one arrives. Subscribe here.
  • Dave Pell’s (@davepell) daily email newsletter, Next Draft — This is a daily curated “what’s what” across news and culture. Dave is known for scouring the web not only for top news stories, but some great quirks and memes. He creates headings that help outline the relevant stories of the day, and I love his “+” system for adding to a main point with supplementary articles. Subscribe here.
  • Azeem Azhar’s (@azeem) email newsletter, Exponential View — Azeem’s newsletter is a heavy dose of technology, focusing on news in artificial intelligence, blockchain, energy, automation and other futurey things. I especially love his Short Morsels to Appear Smart at Dinner Parties. Subscribe here.
  • Kevin Kelly (@kevin2kelly), Claudia Dawson, and Mark Frauenfelder’s (@frauenfelder) weekly email, Recomendo — A newer addition to my inbox, I love the specificity and intimate nature of the recommendations. These are tips and tricks from people who have fulfilled their own needs by testing out solutions, which they then offer up for your benefit. Subscribe here.
  • Nick Pinkston (@NickPinkston) and Plethora’s semi-regular email newsletter, Industrial Evolution — There is always some magic hidden in this robust aggregation of feature pieces and announcements across manufacturing, robotics, automation and technology. The discoveries are endless! And they don’t bombard your inbox. Subscribe here.

Hope you enjoy some or all of these as much as I do!